Rumor Mill Week 3: 5 Top rumors you should not miss


1. Nexus X

Nexus 5

Rumour has it, Google is working on a new Nexus phone and it shall reportedly be named the Nexus X. Earlier rumours claimed that the Nexus X monicker was just a codename but apparently Google has decided to make it the official name. One reason cited behind the alleged name change is the fact that the Nexus 6 name has been used in the classic Philip K. Dick sci-fi novel “Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?”. This year’s Nexus smartphone is reportedly phablet sized and is expected to feature some awesome specifications along with guidelines to best utilise phablet sized devices.

2. First 64 bit Android Phone

HTC has a number of industry firsts up it sleeves, starting from having made the first Android device. Now, according to some leaked photos on Chinese social media site Weibo, HTC will also be the first OEM to release a 64 bit Android device with the Desire 820. The same teaser image was then published earlier today by Qualcomm in english earlier today. The smartphone will allegedly come with one of Qualcomm’s new octa core mid range 64 bit Snapdragon processors ( most likely the 615) so we are not hoping for the best specifications. The body of the device will also be constructed from plastic. Recent reports claim HTC will show off their new device at IFA in Berlin next week, similar to many other companies who are aiming to grab the tech spotlight.


3. Asus ZenWatch

The Android Wear market may soon get a bit more competitive. Asus, maker of some killer laptops amongst other devices, has been teasing its smartwatch for the past couple weeks. Now, we are all but sure that the device will be unveiled at IFA Berlin and will bring a sort of rectangular display with rounded corners. We got overall silhouettes of the smartwatch but have not had a look at it with the screen turned on so it is unclear what is the screen size. Reports claim that Asus will release the sleek (and reportedly metallic) device for something between $99 – $140 which would put it at an ideal price point to compete in the market.


4. Thinner MacBook


A new report cites Apple making plans to unveil a thinner MacBook by the end of the year or early next year. According to the sources, the move is being taken in order to better compete with other laptop manufacturers like Lenovo who are producing some very thin and powerful Windows laptops. It was however not mentioned whether the MacBook Pro or MacBook Air would get the thinner design but speculation points towards the redesign being for the MacBook Air. The Air was expected to receive an update to a Retina display sometime this year and a thinner profile would definitely help Apple pitch the laptop in the market.

5. iWatch


Rumours of the iWatch have been around for years with no concrete proof ever being found to confirm the device’s existence. Regardless, there have been many recent rumours that claim Apple will finally unveil its new wonder product to the masses on September 9th along with the new 4.7 inch and 5.5 inch iPhones. The device is expected to have multiple sensors that will facilitate the use of HealthBook and will also offer basic smartwatch like functionality in a sleek, Apple-esque design language.

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