3 Apple Watch or iWatch Concepts that could have been real

For all these years, we presumed that Apple Watch would be spectacular and would create a stir in the smartwatch market. When the smartwatches were coming out, we were sure Apple would do the same in some period of time and when they would, it would be the best of the best. Concepts started rolling out and it was a norm for everyone to talk about it. How would the design be? What would the iWatch (that’s what we called before the official launch) do? Would it change people’s lives? The iWatch or the Apple Watch was undoubtedly a hot topic.

Now, the Apple Watch has been unveiled and mixed reactions can be seen among the enthusiasts. Some like it, some hate it. Maybe not hate, but expected a lot from Apple. At first sight, the design language of the Apple Watch looks as if an iPod Nano has been blended in with a belt. No matter what it looks like, it does pack great features in it which would be helpful to those who own it.

So here’s Techetron’s list of 3 best concept designs which could have been real and would perhaps be loved by all.

Tod Hamm

This brilliant concept was carved out by Tod Hamm which shows a blend between the iPhone and Nike Fuelband. Todd was inspired from Thomas Bogner who designed a similar one but had a different orientation. Todd corrected it by not only designing a new version but also created a video of how, if this was real, would work in real life! We understand Apple would have never done something like this as this would be a total copy but there’s always partnering!

Edgar Rios

This iWatch concept looks like a traditional wall clock or more like pebble which utilizes a large screen to display the desired content. Nothing more can be said regarding this design but it does look like one premium watch.

Stephen Olmstead

Old-school is the new fashion trend nowadays and this is what Stephen Olmstead had in mind while designing his Apple Watch concept. Each part of this device has a purpose that would able to interact in spite of its old look. The picture above shows a touch screen with a camera lens above and a mic with two speaker outlets. Looks quite similar to the Moto 360, doesnt it?

Which one would you have chosen out of the three listed above? Let us know your thoughts on the new Apple Watch.

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