iPhone 6 Tortured

6 Epic videos showing iPhone 6 Plus getting tortured

The moment anyone talks about the iPhone 6, bendgate would surely follow. Bendgate can be regarded as one of the most nastiest thing that could ever happen to Apple’s iPhone 6. A lot of companies, be it a smartphone company or any other used this as a marketing stunt to taunt Apple. It seems everyone is up for teasing Apple in any way possible! The bendgate became a worldwide trend, thanks to social media, with some people even going far by bending the existing iPhone 6 phones in the stores.

If you’re interested to see more of iPhone 6 getting tortured in different ways, proceed watching these 6 unique videos below.

1. Liquid Nitrogen

2. Blending the iPhone 6

3. Slow-mo Drop

4. 50 cal rips off the iPhone 6

5. iPhone 6 Plus Vs Thermite

6. A wingsuit drop

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