Bangladesh: Social Media Feeds Expanding Bangladesh E-Commerce Sector

Bangladesh’s e-commerce sector is expanding rapidly as seen with Kaymu, which is Bangladesh’s leading online marketplace. Social Media Platforms have played a vital role in establishing Kaymu’s brand. Facebook, Twitter and Instagram provide opportunities to connect to new user groups. These social platforms have added in new commerce-related features.

social media success

As the country’s leading online marketplace, Kaymu provides consumers with an easy-to-use shopping platform, which allows them to shop for items from the comfort of their home. The virtual marketplace has even taken it upon itself to educate sellers about how to leverage Kaymu’s platform.

Everyday millions of people actively participate on social media sites, such as Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. They share their likes and interests, check-in to places, and communicate ideas online. This content has a vast reach hence social media is undeniably the most powerful tool to communicate with the customers and to build to a brand. Social media inevitably increases their networking potential and presents new ways communicate with buyers and sellers.

Understanding how customers behave on social channels and how to effectively interact with them is crucial for providing the best service. Nafeez Imtiaz, Social Media Manager at Kaymu, added “It’s important for Kaymu to listen to people and engage them effectively online. Social networking helps us to create a platform that is in tune with the needs of both sellers and buyers. People can post their queries and send us feedback concerning products and services. We have a dedicated team to support our customers over these channels.’’

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