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Recharge on the Go With the Kodiak From Outdoor Tech

The further technology advances, the more it permeates every aspect of life. Even those who enjoy nature find that they are dependent more and more on technology. Sure, it’s possible to rough it without your phone, GPS, or camera. How are you supposed to show off your awesome pictures or call your parents to let them know you just reached that mountain summit if your camera is dead and your phone battery is pinging low? If you’re away from a building with electricity, you need the help of a portable power bank like the Kodiak from Outdoor Tech.

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Every Outdoors Enthusiast Needs a Charger 

These days the internet is thriving with videos of hikers, bikers, and gliders sharing their adventures. Going out on these adventures is no easy task. It often involves a lot of planning and sometimes a few days of camping in the wilderness. The Kodiak is a portable bank for power designed to help you keep your devices charged. With 6,000 milliamps of power, the Kodiak is able to charge just about anything that comes with a USB cable, including wireless headphones, GPS, tablets, phones, POV cameras, e-readers, and more. Charges happen fast thanks to the 2.1 amp output of the Kodiak.

For those looking to carry the bank on their person, it weighs a mere 9.4 ounces, just over half a pound. No matter what you’re carrying on your next backpacking trip, you should be able to find room for this lifesaver.

Perfect Wherever You Go

This power bank is both shockproof and waterproof. Need to hike through a river and are worried that the backpack with the bank will get wet? No worries. The Kodiak comes armored with impact silicone, designed to withstand the likes of dust, drops, and water. It even carries an IP67 rating and with this device by your side, you don’t have to worry about getting lost or stranded with a dead cell phone.

The Kodiak also features a clearly visible power indicator so you are always aware of just how much juice it currently has to charge your devices.

portable charger

 Can’t Beat That Price

 It’s perfectly normal for portable chargers to burn through your wallet, costing hundreds of dollars and more. This is not so with the Kodiak. You get portable charging power for nearly all of your small devices for under $50.

These days, every outdoors person needs a way to charge their small devices without holing up in a building. For some of the best charging power around with a device that weighs almost nothing and costs about the same, get the Kodiak 6000.

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