[Exclusive] OPPO N3 First Impressions!

OPPO recently announced their dynamic duo – the super thin R5 and the unique N3 and today we bring you our first impressions on the N3. Please note that we got our hands on a pre-production unit so the final build of the N3 may have slight differences.

The N1 brought the rotating camera to the mass market and this year’s N3 takes that innovation and kicks it up a notch. Our primary focus today will be on this one of a kind camera. Just to clear any doubts, OPPO is indeed the first manufacturer to implement a motorised swiveling camera in a smartphone so kudos to them.

Check out our video:


The 16 Megapixel shooter as we mentioned before is motorised and swivels when you take a selfie. For finer control, you can swipe and hold up or down the screen to slowly control the camera movement. What’s really cool is the integration of the touch sensor on the back of the N3; swiping up or down on it causes the camera to swivel as well. If you thought that was it, the N3 comes with a handy O-click accessory that can also be used to control the camera. A neat feature of the N3 is the ability to snap photos with the touch sensor, pictures taken in this way can only be viewed after scanning the owner’s fingerprint.


As we are talking about the fingerprint sensor, we should mention it is not swipe based, rather it is touch based so simply placing your finger on the scanner does the trick. Our experience with the fingerprint sensor was great and its positioning on the back is really clever and easy to locate.


One of the N3’s tricks has to do with panoramas. To take a panorama, just hold the device steady and let the swiveling camera do all the hard work. No more cumbersome movements and required to capture these shots.

Before we are done, let’s talk about the new and improved Skyline Notification 2. The Find 7’s notification LED was a huge hit with critics and consumers alike. OPPO took a great idea even further by making it such that the notification light can be seen from both the front and rear.


The OPPO N3 will hit stores soon and will retail for $649. Check out our previous post for more details on the N3 and R5. Stay tuned for our reviews!


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