Mobile Card Reader

Advantages of Using a Mobile Phone Card Reader

Businesses are always looking for better and faster ways to give their customers great customer service while improving their bottom line.  One such way that a business can do this is through the use of a mobile card reader.  These technological advancements have made processing payments quick and easy both for you and your customers.

Mobile Card Reader

3 Reasons Why Your Business Needs a Mobile Card Reader Now

> Cash isn’t always king. According to ABC News, purchases made using plastic are on the rise. The percentage of consumers who use plastic for purchases is 53%, which is up from 43% back in 1999.  This is partially due to its convenient and because debit and credit cards are now offering reward programs. This gives consumers an incentive to use plastic rather than paper. This means that businesses who cannot accept credit or debit cards will be left behind and lose a lot of business and potential customers.

> They can be customized. According to the Yahoo Small Business website, many of the systems allow you to adjust your personal pricing structure based on your needs. It’s also a good idea to consider the monthly flat rate fees and how they affect your transaction fees. Based on your growth and volume, paying more monthly could affect your business’s bottom line greatly. So you should think about your business and its needs to see which one would work best for you.

> They are good for more than business. Mobile card readers aren’t just for business. For example, if your friend owes you some money and all he has is a debit or credit card on him, you can just swipe his card and be paid. It’s simple, fast, and easy and takes only seconds.

A mobile card reader gives a merchant or business the opportunities that they would not have had years ago.  It eliminates the need for using bulky and outdated machines and gives the customer and your business a quick transaction. With these readers, you will not have to worry about turning down any business because you do not have the equipment to make the transaction. It also removes the danger of carrying around a lot of cash and the need to make change.

Startling Statistics State Staggering Numbers Regarding Mobile Card Readers

Based on an article published on the Payments Cards and Mobile website, the statistics regarding the help from mobile card readers are staggering.  There was an examination of the adoption of two different mobile card readers to see how their usage impacted the businesses using them.

The findings showed that nearly 4/10 small businesses used mobile readers.  The users were then asked if the usage of the device had an impact on their business.

Here are some of the findings from that poll:

  • 50 percent saw an improvement in their cash flow
  • 47 percent saw increased sales
  • 37 percent saw more sales in brand-new venues
  • 30 percent had a reduction in the need for credit because of their improvement in cash flow.

Mobile Card Reader

A Satisfied Customer Speaks Out

In an article published on the Times Free Press website, a business owner stated how grateful he was for finding his mobile card reader.  He stated how he had lost a lot of outside sales at his business because he was only able to take checks or cash for payment.

However, since he started using a mobile card reader, he is able to accept debit and credit cards when he is servicing an outside customer. He takes the mobile card reader along with him when he is going to visit a customer and he is able to swipe their card, making it simple for him and his customers.  Since approximately 90 percent of the outside customers use debit cards to pay for the service, this is helping him increase his business and his profits. It also helps his customers to be able to get great customer service, since he is able to give them a payment system that suits their needs rather than causing an awkward situation.

If you are searching for the right mobile card reader for your business, you will discover that there are many options out there from which to choose.  The best way for you to choose which one is to read the options that the different readers offer. One such mobile card reader you might consider is the one that’s offered by Shopify.  To find the one that is right for you, think about your business and the credit or debit card transactions that you make each day. This will help you with finding the one that is right for you and for your business and customers. Find the right card reader and you will be pleasantly surprised at the difference it makes.

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