Kaymu Lights Their 1st Birthday Candle in Bangladesh

Kaymu, an online shopping venture of Rocket Internet, recently celebrated their first anniversary in an event at Spectra Convention Center, Dhaka.

For those who are unfamiliar with Kaymu, it is a medium by which people can purchase various goods at low prices, ensured by a fixed price system; and where independent vendors can sell their products to a growing market of online shoppers. Kaymu BD is a pioneer in e-commerce in the sense that they see the prospects of an online market in Bangladesh and wish to capitalise on the great potential by offering an easy to use system and by educating consumers and vendors about the benefits and conveniences of e-commerce.


At their anniversary event, the Kaymu team along with the sellers got together. Mr. Bertrand Desies, Managing Director of Kaymu Bangladesh spoke inspirationally of Kaymu Bangladesh’s growth and evolution over just a period of one year. He stated how the youth, energy and enthusiasm of the people here drove the project forward and kept everyone motivated even when things seemed down. Mr. Bertrand stated that Kaymu is a pioneer in Bangladesh for deliberately entering and promoting e-commerce as the company strongly believes it is the next major aspect of Bangladesh’s growing economy, which will boom very soon.


Ms. Syeda Umaila Akhter, the Head of Public Relations also gave a speech about how Kaymu is embracing the e-commerce movement and how the company works to offer a fuss free environment for buyers and sellers across the country. She also mentioned how Kaymu now has an Android application to harness the massive number of shoppers wielding smartphones and how the company is committed to provide customer satisfaction.


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