iPhone 4S vs Samsung Galaxy SII – Which to choose ?

Samsung finally surpassed the sales of Apple phones this year after the launch of the Samsung Galaxy SII. Though Samsung Galaxy SII does not match some of the feature specs of iPhone 4S but still there are many features that make up to put it as an iPhone competitor. The new iPhone 4S has a lot of improvements over previous release notably – Voice control system Siri. This artificial intelligence voice control assistant alone beats every mobile platform out there. Not a single platform like Android, Tizen or Windows 7 has this feature integrated into it.

iPhone 4s VS Galaxy Sii

Here are the comparisons between Samsung Galaxy SII and iPhone 4s :

 Operating System

Apple iPhone 4S runs on iOS5 which is recently released operating system by Apple. It has a lots of improvements in terms of notifications, navigation and configuration. On the other hand Samsung Galaxy SII runs on Android 2.3.4 Gingerbread which is now defunct OS in Android line. Though Samsung and distributors are planning for the Ice cream sandwich upgrade which attempts to match it’s features with iOS5, these updates are postponed to 2012 on many carriers.


Samsung Galaxy SII runs on Dual Core 1.2 ghz Exynos processor which is much faster in performance compared to iPhone’s A5 dual core processor. You can measure the performance with heavy games and other graphic apps. Samsung Galaxy SII has 1GB of memory whereas Iphone 4S has slightly larger memory than SII. Storage capacity of iPhone 4S starts from 16GB onwards and SII is limited to 16GB during purchase, however you can extend the storage of SII.


Samsung Galaxy SII has high quality front camera of about 2mpx which is higher compared to iPhone4s which has VGA camera. In case of rear camera both the phones have exact resolution of about 8mpx. Both these phones have the same video recording resolution of about 1080p. You can also connect these phones to TV using Airplay for IPhone and MHL for connecting Galaxy SII.


Iphone 4S and Galaxy SII support bluetooth, Wifi, GPS but only thing which you can’t find with iphone 4S is NFC which is possible in case of US based Galaxy SII handset.


If we compare the performance of iOS with Android 2.3.4 Gingerbread then most of the features in iOS5 performs better compared to old android OS. Samsung Galaxy SII has bigger LCD screen compared to Iphone 4S so for folks who need bigger screen SII is much better choice. Both of these phones have large apps market so there isn’t any issue with finding the right app. Some carriers do offer iphone insurance on locked phones but in case of Samsung Galaxy SII there seems to be no such option as of now.

Considering all the hardware and software specifications, it seems only Siri makes a big difference while making purchase of an iPhone. Otherwise Samsung Galaxy SII has much better hardware specs and is a much better option while purchasing a smartphone.

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  1. I have used both phones and they both have their drawbacks, using either one is cool.

    depends on what's more user friendly, the answer obviously depends from person to person as well!

  2. When you want a good smartphone……the features that u look for are:

    1) A big, nice, bright display.

    2) Sheer power in terms of processor and ram.

    3) Customization.

    3) An OS which supports open sourcing.

    4) Memory expansion at will.

    5) Huge array of apps.

    U can get all these features without having to pay $700 – $750 in Samsung Galaxy SII…….so when u are thinking of value for money then go for SII but if u r thinking in terms of brand name…..then iPhone should be ur pick……good job author…..loved it 🙂

    1. Thanks for your comment Rajit 🙂 The information you provided is great! I bet you own one 😛 Agree with you about the fact that if we need to go for something in terms of brand name, iPhone should be the choice hands down!

    1. Thanks for your comment Bojan! 🙂

      I guess you love the iPhone , so do I and everyone else ! But the author did not anywhere state that iPhone is a bad choice or whatsoever. The author also pointed out the points what Galaxy SII lack. It's just a 'better' choice to buy the SII 🙂

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