Laser Watch

AnselmoFanZero creates a watch that shoots laser

The watch that shoots laser in the James Bond movie is now a reality. A German inventor who goes by the name, AnselmoFanZero in Youtube (real name Patrick Priebe) has built a powerful LaserWatch which literally shoots laser and is able to light matches and pop balloons from one meter away.

The rechargeable watch has an LED watch module and a 1,500 milliwatt laser but the main attraction of the watch isn’t the display of the time but the laser itself. Since it has a laser component onboard, it is bulky according to Patrick Prieb. The watch cannot be used for too long due to the tiny laser module and the battery.

All this took Patrick 40 hours to make and when asked if he would want to sell it, he mentioned that it would cost around $300 which is in fact, cheap. But this in no way should go in the hands on the consumers as it would be deadly. Shooting lasers at people won’t be a good sight at all.


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