Watching Videos

Here’s why videos transmit more information in a better way than text

Online video marketing is easy to distribute and cheap to implement, and will help your website get high rankings. Experts like Brent Franson, help small businesses get a big presence on the web with video. You can make the videos yourself and add power to your online marketing. Customers watch more video than read text and almost half of them say they trust videos. Videos make your marketing people to people. Here are a few of the reasons you need video on your website.


Video Marketing Improves Customer Engagement

• Videos help you reach more people in a shorter time than text. If your video goes viral, millions of people will see it. There is no other type of marketing that can give such great results for such a low price.

Watching Videos

• Visitors will stay on your website longer and remember what they saw there. Unlike text that becomes boring after some time, video takes less time to get across a lot of information and has the advantage of being entertaining. You can put your videos on social media and in emails as well as on your website.

• Videos include sound and images that appeal more to people than reading text. It gives a better understanding of your product or service. People can watch it while they do something else, which they can’t do with text.

• It is easy and cheap to make videos. You can turn on your web cam if you have the nerve, or have a professional make your video. Today, because of innovative technology, the production cost is very low.

• You’ll give a good first impression to visitors and potential customers if you have a video they can watch to learn about your business.

Search Engines love videos.

Video is the best form of SEO. Today, search engines look to see if your content is engaging to determine what ranking it will get. Video is the best way to boost your engagement factor.

According to Forrester research, a website with video is 53 times more likely to appear on the first page of Google. Video is an indicator of relevance to search engines. The SEO benefits include:

• Visitors time on your page is doubled
• You get three times more natural inbound links
• Unique monthly site visits are boosted by 200 – 300 percent
• A click-through rate of 41 percent higher

Videos can also be posted on YouTube. This is the second largest search engine and your business’s visibility will be dramatically increased. When videos are posted on YouTube, the traffic goes there first and sees your website on your video. If your video is posted on your website, traffic goes there first, but it may take longer to build up rankings.

More than 700 videos are shared on Twitter every minute. Why can’t your business be one of them? According to Dell and Amazon, online videos increase the odds up to 35 percent that the viewer will purchase something.

The first step is to get started. You know your business better than anyone and can talk about its benefits with enthusiasm. Your first video may not be great, but each one will be better than the last. Ask your friends and family to share your videos. Every little bit helps.

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