Kaymu’s presence is helping the rapid growth of online shopping in Bangladesh.

Today’s economy is about making quick, informed decisions. Brick and mortar stores can’t afford customers the same accessibility to multiple products, information and services like the Internet. For instance, the Internet allows shoppers to be in multiple places and compare multiple products simultaneously and come to a decision as to which to procure.

Over the past few years, Bangladesh has seen an exponential rise in e-commerce market and the rise in economic growth has led to new business opportunities for both local and foreign companies like Kaymu Bangladesh.

Since its launch in Bangladesh, in just a year Kaymu has evolved into a global brand and grown exponentially to become one of Bangladesh’s leading online marketplace.


Taking advantage of the rapid growth of e-commerce in the country, Kaymu provides a platform for buyers and sellers to interact virtually and agree the best deals when it comes to new products, such as smart phones, computers, fashion and clothing, home appliances and others.

Mr. Christian Schroeder, Co-founder and Managing Director of Kaymu Asia, had a talk about the emerging ecommerce market in Bangladesh and shared his experiences in operating business here during his recent visit to Dhaka. He mentioned that ‘The future of retail is E-commerce’. E-shopping in Bangladesh has revolutionized and broken down the traditional approach of the way people buy and sell products. Christian also adds that ‘Bangladesh is the most entrepreneurial country I have seen so far.’


Every small and medium business wants to sell their products but may not have capital to invest. One big advantage for Kaymu is that it offers an avenue for sellers to increase their sales without any capital investment.

Kaymu.com.bd, is the very proponent of the ethos that drives e-commerce and does not just provide attractive offerings that customers seek, but aims to change the way customers shop. What it means to the day-to-day shoppers in terms of providing a shopping experience like no other, is breaking away from conventionalities and imbuing the way we shop with a technological edge.  The customers get to shop online from the comfort of their homes, away from being stuck in traffic for hours trying to make what really is a half hour drive between one’s home and the marketplace.


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