7 Bangladeshi Facebook Groups You Should Join Today

Facebook has indisputably become a part-and-parcel of our regular lives, and so has one of the most useful features offered by this social networking site: Facebook Groups. But as the platform grows, so does the number of groups. In such circumstances, which ones should you join?

In this article, we are bringing you seven popular Bangladeshi Facebook Groups that you should join right away!


Shopr Bangladesh

Current Members: ~15,767
Shopr is one of the  most popular and reliable Facebook businesses to help people bring items from Amazon and other famous US and UK websites, and you can also bring products from Indian websites. The products can be anything, starting from books to electronics, but you must pay a certain amount in advance. The order process is very simple, and the rate is also reasonable. Simply go to the group, and post the links to your desired items, and you will be contacted soon with the price and shipping charge.


Foodbank Bangladesh

Current Members: ~75,352
Foodbank is the fruition of the evolving food industry of Bangladesh (especially Dhaka city) and the necessity of a platform to let the consumers know about the pros and cons of the restaurants scattered across the country. Indeed, there are other such platforms on Facebook, but Foodbank is the one that has managed to gain the attention of such a large number of food-lovers in a comparatively short period of time. Become a member of this group, and you can learn about different restaurants, their best offerings, price range, quality of food and service and much more. You can also post your own review of a place with a snapshot of the food with it to the group!

Desperately Seeking Dhaka or DSD


Current Members: 54,204

DSD was created to help the people of Dhaka with anything and everything under the sun, be that reselling your used products or finding useful information. You can be a member of that group and seek help from the 54,000 people present on DSD, but you must not be doing anything illegal, of course.

Cat Society of Bangladesh or CSB

Cat Society

Current Members: ~16,370

Cats have replaced many other animals and have become a primary choice of pets for many people in Bangladesh, and this noticeable growth has taken place in the past three to five years. If you have a cat, you might want to join this group to get all sorts of help for your tiny feline friend. You can find addresses of vets, seek solutions to behavioral problems of your cats from the experienced group members, and find information about where to get goodies for your cats on this group.

Movie Lovers Polapain

Current Members: ~39,772

Love movies? Try this group. Created and used by about forty-thousand movie-lovers of Bangladesh, this platform is the perfect place to get reviews—in Bangla—of literally any movie, be that a classic or a new release. You can learn a lot of new things about your favorite stars, and get cool recommendations of your favorite genre right in this one place.

Chinese Brand Mobile Shop in Bangladesh

Chinese Brand mObile

Current Members: ~11,597
Chinese mobile-phone brands are on the rise, and you cannot deny the fact that they are essentially providing high-end products to their consumers. This group has taken an initiative to make mobile phones and other gadgets of Chinese Brands like Xiaomi, Meizu, Oppo and Vivo. You can place order by paying 50% advance (through bank account, cash or BKash), and your product will be brought within the borders, and delivered to you via SA Paribahan courier services. You can also pick them up on your own.

Traffic Alert


Current Members: ~3,968
If you live in Dhaka city, you do not need to be introduced to the traffic jam issues anew. This group was started to aggregate people of Dhaka on a single platform in order to share news among the users about conditions of the traffic at various points of the city, so that you do not have to jump into a journey—be that long or short—without getting a heads-up of what you might expect once on the road.

Whichever group you join, make sure that you abide by the rules of that particular group to maintain a positive and healthy environment within. If there are any groups that you would want to mention, do mention it in the comment box below! Happy Facebooking!

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