Samsung Galaxy S6

Samsung gives you a glimpse of Galaxy S6

This is the time of the year where Samsung gears up to unveil next Galaxy and enjoys teasing people with cryptic videos showing what will be the next Galaxy S6 or S6 edge (until a leak of the devices come out).

Yesterday, Samsung published the teaser video (through Twitter) for the Galaxy S6 which mainly points towards the design of the device where they concentrate on how the device is being crafted with glass walls, metallic shelves and  some mysterious materials.

Click for the previous video.

Samsung Galaxy S6

With the new video up from Samsung’s official Youtube account, the 46 seconds clip shows us brief glimpses of the much anticipated devices. This new video, like the previous one, is all about the curves, glass and metal. You can even notice the metal frame of the Galaxy S6 and the curved metal frame of the S6 Edge.

Do check 0:23 mark which might be the S6 edge with the S6 body being showed at 0:37 seconds.

For more news on the Galaxy S6 and its new sibling, do stick to Techetron as we will be reporting the teasers as they come.


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