HTC One M9

Watch early hands on video of HTC One M9 [Leak]


Hours before HTC holds their press conference in Mobile World Congress to be held in Barcelona, a youtuber who goes by the name Samia Lou just leaked out a 2 minute hands on video of HTC One M9. The video was actually recorded by a journalist who accidentally published it but quickly made it private. Thanks to the blazing fast clicks, some managed to download and uploaded it instead. The way the video progresses would certainly make anyone scratch their heads thinking that HTC’s press conference has already taken place.

The video compares the HTC One M9 with two of its previous siblings, M7 and M8. The big difference one can spot just after seeing the One M9 is that there’s only one camera at the rear and as the video says, HTC couldn’t do it due to space limitations. The ultrapixel 4MP module is instead, placed as the front facing camera.

But it’s still better to wait for the official press conference where more in depth details would be mentioned regarding the upcoming smartphone!

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