Here’s why you can upgrade to Samsung’s Galaxy S5

There are a lot of reasons to upgrade from your current phone. No matter what type you have, it always seems like there is something better that just hit the scene. Choosing in upgrade to a Samsung Galaxy S5 has a huge amount of bonuses. The Galaxy S5 has a number of exciting features that separate it from its competitors. Although the Samsung Galaxy S6 is out already, those who can’t afford it can always upgrade to the previous version of the latest.

Here are the advantages of upgrading to not so latest Samsung Galaxy S5

Huge Display

The 5.1 inch display of the Samsung Galaxy S5 is a huge improvement on what standard phones have to offer. At this size, it’s akin to a small tablet, which will grant you a larger range of actions and activities that can be completed and experienced. The Galaxy S5 offers a FHD super AMOLED display that adjusts itself to an appropriate brightness based on your environment. This display is brighter and offers more vivid clarity than other phones.

HD Quality Viewing Experience

Along with the incredible display comes bold, full HD viewing capabilities. Because of the size and quality of the super AMOLED display, the quality of your viewing experience is fall superior than would be available in previous phones. This means that you will be able to view videos, games, and pictures in true color and resolution.

Professional Quality Camera

Cameras are a huge part of every phone, and the Samsung Galaxy S5 is no exception. This phone’s camera has some truly incredible features that will need and exceed any of your personal needs.

The Galaxy features a High Dynamic Range imaging feature that allows you to take crisp, bright, vivid pictures, even in problematic lighting conditions. This works for both still pictures and videos to allow you to capture all your precious memories in the best possible way.

Focus options are key features for this camera. Auto-focus allows you to capture crisp, non-blurry action shots. Never again settle for a blurry or miss-timed image with this feature. Selective focus allows you to choose where to focus the camera, allowing the rest of the image to fall out of focus. This allows you to see exactly what you want, with nothing random or unimportant in the background.

Built-In Health Support Apps

Caring for yourself is very important. There are many ways in which this can be done, but one of the most convenient ways is to use your phone for help. The Samsung Galaxy S5 features a few different apps that are designed to help improve your health.

S Health is an app that helps you to create and maintain a fitness routine. It leads you through your routine on a daily basis, keeping you on track. It helps to track your progress, your condition, and your activities. It can even be connected to Samsung’s Gear Fit and Gear 2 to further help you meet your fitness goals.


The Galaxy 5 comes standard with heart monitor to further attend to your health. This is not only important to a fitness routine, it’s very important to your health as a whole. Checking your heart rate can help to identify heart problems or even heart attacks. This phone isn’t just exciting from a tech perspecitve, it is potentially life-saving.

Fingerprint Scanning Lock

Nobody likes it when people mess with their phones. Most people view their phones as being incredibly personal and private, so security is of the utmost importance. In light of that, the Samsung Galaxy 5 has upped the security game by including fingerprint security. This security device scans your fingerprint to access your phone. As your fingerprint is unique, no one else will be able to access your information, no matter how much they try.

Built-In Safety Precautions

There are many important safety features on the Galaxy S5. To start off, the phone is resistant to both water and dust in order to protect your information during activities. This means it is strong against liquids, sweat, sand, rain, and debris to allow you to enjoy your favorite activities without worrying about your phone being destroyed. And if your Galaxy S5 is paired with a trustworthy carrier, you won’t miss a beat while on-the-go.

The Galaxy S5 also features an ultra power saving mode, which will keep your phone powered up longer. So if you have a reliable network, This feature takes extra precautions in situations where you are low on battery life, but need your phone to keep working without a charge. Never worry about missing important calls and texts again.

Choosing to upgrade to a Samsung Galaxy S5 can be a great choice for many people though the Galaxy S6 is already here. However, as stated in the introduction, one can still have the s5 and enjoy its functionalities while waiting for the S7 to be released or even wait for the S6 to reduce its price.

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