Leaked pictures of the upcoming LG G4

While Samsung and HTC are done with unveiling their flagship device, it’s now time for LG to announce theirs.


A forum user in DA developers leaked a picture of the upcoming LG G4 showing both the rear and the front. One thing that should be noted is the addition of the stylus that you can see at the top left. Who knows, it might be an antenna as well. However, we fail to notice the curved screen on the LG G4 although it is being said that the device will be featuring a curved dsiaply.

The front picture of the device shows a tweaked design of the user interface but keeps most of it from the previous years.

The latest rumors regarding the product also suggests that the upcoming LG G4 will ship with a new 20.7 megapixel camera with OIS and a fingerprint scanner.
Well, we do have to wait until LG’s official announcement for the in depth details of the phone. Till then stay tuned with Techetron.

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