Art to Save My Mother: By selling artwork, Sajjad wants to save his mother

Sajjad Mazumder‘s mother has been suffering from cancer and in order to collect funds for her recovery here in Bangladesh, he has chosen to do something different, sell his precious artwork.

For his mother’s treatment, he would be needing Tk 20 lakh which is approximately $25,690. From selling his paintings, he managed to collect Tk 7 lakh and still has 13 lakh to go ($16700).

Here’s Sajjad with his mother. According to the picture caption on Facebook, he still has not informed her regarding cancer and also does not look forward to telling her about it. He believes that she will be cured in the coming months.


Here are some of his brilliant artworks.

To get the latest updates, please visit his Facebookvpage: Art to Save My Mother

If you want to support him, please do help him by buying his beautiful paintings. To check availability, click here.

This is one brilliant initiative taken by Sajjad and we must salute him for his work. Let’s show what the power of internet can do and help him!

If you want to contact Sajjad and help him in any way possible, please refer to the image below:


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