Xiaomi Pistons

New in-ear headphones announced from Xiaomi

It’s been about 5 years for Xiaomi entering the smart device market. While they have become one of the top leaders in the smartphone industry, they haven’t really failed to attract people in other smart appliances as well. Even in accessories department, they have made quite a good success.

Xiaomi has already sold over 10 million units of their famous Xiaomi Piston in-ear headphone. So, it was about time they announce a new upgrade for the predecessor.

Xiaomi Pistons

According to the post in miui forums and translation of their Chinese website, the new in-ear headphones from Xiaomi is far better than the previous models. Even in terms of design, it grabbed the recent German Red Dot Design Awards 2015. Other highlights were

  • Metal Composite Technology for Diaphragm
  • Better Balance Damping System (3rd Generation)
  • “Spiral Pipe” Sound Chamber, Bass Performance Optimization
  • More Professional Tuning Mode with super fine and sophisticated design
  • USA Knowles’s microphone with small interference
  • Low distortion and super clear call quality
  • Brushed aluminium and anodized
  • Corrosion resistance and not easily fade in color.

Xiaomi mentioned that the new sound optimization is exclusively patented. The device also comes with the popular tough pull resistant (also bulletproof, if you believe the translation that is) Kevlar Silk Fibre which promise to protect the headphone cable and provides more lifetime promise. As you can see from the image below Xiaomi also changed the way in-ear headphones fits in the ear and according to their demand it is more comfortable and medically tested.

Xiaomi also says that a good quality headphone doesn’t mean only high quality technology but also quality headphones. They demand that according to their test the lifetime of these headphones are three times the standard headphones in the market. They were not even shy to compare with some of the leading headphones in the market, which includes headphones like Beats urBeaths and Sennheiser CX985. Xiaomi says compared to them, the new in-ear headphone is low in distortion and rich in details. (See Image Below)
Xiaomi Pistons


The headphone comes in the usual but new looking gift pack along with three different size of ear buds. And if you are not convinced with all the things written above just so you know the headphone costs only 99 yuan or $16. Yes you read that right, $16!


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