Apple Watch user interface

Apple releases videos on how to use Apple Watch… finally

Apple has released a bunch of videos that show you what you can do with the device, how you will do it, and why exactly you should be interested in buying one.

Pre-orders for Apple Watch begin later this month, so the videos come a bit late. However, they’re interesting to watch as they show you how the device will work. That’s extremely important for a completely new device category, so Apple has a lot of explaining to do.

The videos focus on various Apple Watch features: how they work and why you’d want to use them. It’s coming out with new ways of interaction, such as the Digital Crown and Force Touch, and it’s cool to know how exactly they will work and integrate with your daily life.

Apple Watch user interface

The videos also emphasize the Watch’s new features and how they can be used to interact with apps and messages. Interestingly, this has been missing from Apple’s marketing so far. The company has so far focused its marketing on the build, customization, and the originality of the device.

It’s good to know that Apple is now shifting its focus on teaching its potential customers how to interact with the Watch. It’s designed to make sure you cut down your time on the phone; it’s supposed to let you do basic tasks quickly and effortlessly.

To sum up, I like how Apple is refocusing its marketing for the Watch. Yes, it’s a beautiful design and the build quality is astounding. However, since it’s a whole new product from them, it’s important customers know how to actually use it rather than just show it off.

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