Poken- The Next Gen Business Card

What is Poken?

Poken is the new name to the physical business card. It is a digital business card, to put in very simple words. The contact information is stored in a key-shaped device which makes it very handy to carry. Two people exchanging information need to have poken to do so. Instead of exchanging physical cards, just touch the two poken palms together and thus information is exchanged in a jiffy. Now simply insert this poken into USB port of the computer and retrieve all the information about the person you are interested in, socially or for business.

Where are the Pokens Available?

Pokens are sold through network of re-sellers and web shops. Countries like Japan, Germany, the Netherlands, South Africa and many more with the US recently accepting the concept of poken!

from pokenzoo.com

Hi-Four – A New Greeting Concept

Poken is in the shape of a palm with four fingers. We come across many people in day-to-day life. Some are met and forgot but few are such who we want to remain in touch long after we depart. Hi- fouring pokens is the best way available in tech-savvy world to take further a small meeting. It is solely the user’s choice to put social networks of their choice on poken. It saves the time one spends in looking for the desired person in crowd of social networks. It is an innovative answer to the problem of maintaining heavy business card holders. Information on business card is very likely to get outdated soon but poken gives the chance to keep a contact intact and updated for longer time.

Personalities of Poken

Poken is available in different personalities which do a lot of talking about your own taste and mood. pokenSPARK is option for those who use it for social networking events like tweet-ups. It is available in 18 different styles. Somewhat mature personalities may opt for pokenTAG. This is an electronic sticker that stores multimedia files and digital documents which can be customized as per the user’s choice.

A Lot more than just Business Card

Poken App and NFC (near field communication) enabled phone is the name to the world full of connectivity and information exchange. Just load Poken App on your mobile, enable it and squeeze all information you want from another NFC-enabled mobile or pokenTAG. As simple as it sounds, it is secure and fast too.

Is this the End of the World for Physical Business Cards?

Certainly not. Business cards make you more approachable to those people who are not into social networking. People who you meet may not be as tech-savvy as you are. So flaunting such gadgets may prove to be fatal for relationship involving simple people. Business cards still have a way to go because searching people on networking sites will never lose charm as it involves surprise and a personal touch. There are a large number of people who will consider Poken like gadgets a sheer wastage of money. Poken has to be a lot cheaper to make place in the lives of such people.

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