Galaxy S6 Edge

New video of Galaxy S6 Edge shows how the ‘Edge’ is made

Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge is truly one of the most unique products of 2015 and has earned much acclaim from all the quarters for its magnificent and stunning class of design.

The S6 Edge is selling like crazy around the world and Samsung is having a hardtime coping with the demand as their sales has surpassed their expectations. No matter what, Samsung is still doing what a company has to do and that is to advertise and keep the hype of the latest product. In this new video, Samsung features how the Galaxy S6 Edge is made and all the work and materials that goes through it.

Though you might not find the tech details from here but it’s still a great video to get the message across. I always wondered how was it possible to bend the glass in the S6 edge and the video has the answer: bending it at 800°C.

In another point, many are complaining the ad to fully carbon copy the ads of Apple’s by copying the Jony Ive’s voice in it. What’s you say in this?

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