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Facebook bringing games to Messenger platform

You might soon be able to play games with your friends right inside Messenger. Facebook has confirmed that it’s talking with developers on ways to integrate games into its burgeoning chat platform. They want the games to live inside the Messenger app; they should also be available through the in-app store.

Facebook has been opening up its Messenger platform since March. They have added APIs that let developers create apps that interact directly with Messenger. So far, apps have focused mostly on sending GIFs, stickers, drawings, and stuff. They are extremely easy to use and are available on almost all platforms except PC.

Facebook messenger

The social networking company has been following in the footsteps of Asian chat companies. LINE and WeChat have been doing well and dominating several markets with their social platforms. Facebook is looking to take a piece of that market for themselves with the Messenger platform.

Facebook has so far done well with the platform. The released apps have gotten some engagement and are generating revenue, but they are still reportedly not up to expectations. The gaming initiative is expected to reinvigorate the platform, though much is up in the air at this point.

facebookmessenger games

For example, Facebook is still undecided whether the games will live right in Messenger or will use it as a way to connect players together, ala Viber. I expect more news in the coming months. But whatever it is, it sounds interesting and promising.

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