WebAble Digital gets a new Partner and Creative Director

One year back, Techetron posted the following about Webable Digital:

WebAble is a small startup with big dreams and bigger ambitions. It’s a startup that didn’t just emerge into existence simply for the sake of it, but was born with the idea that they will change the face of digital marketing by doing things in a different way- a crazy way.

And surely they did in a crazy way! WebAble Digital has earned much acclaim from all the quarters in Bangladesh for their brilliant achievements. Currently their clientele includes Kaspersky, Aarong, Bay Developments, Rahimafrooz, Bangladesh Brand Forum, BAT, Bitdefender, Akhoni.com and Dell.

The company was founded in February 2014 by 3 Digital Marketing experts Anis Chowdhury, Ovick Alam and Shadab Mahbub. Recently, WebAble Digital has announced that, Amit Richard, a leading design expert in Bangladesh, has joined the company as their Creative Director and Managing partner in May 2015.


Amit Richard is also the founder of Richard Designs having a very rich portfolio which includes projects for Blackberry. WHO, NBC, Universal Studios, Rivaage, iDE, Marks and Spencer and other popular brands. Having over 7 years of professional experience in the respective field, he has taken projects in the areas of print, user interface, web and his favorite – identity design.  His experience combined with the result oriented approach of WebAble team will take digital marketing in Bangladesh to the next level. As his first project, Richard has just finished designing WebAble’s new website: www.webable.digital

About Amit Richard

Amit Richard ventured into graphic design at the age of 16. While studying for his undergraduate degree in marketing and branding, he started his professional career with a part time position in 2008. Richard has now worked extensively with international and national brands for seven years, and is a self-taught designer.

WebAble offers digital advertising, social media marketing, web development, design and digital strategy & analytics services. With a team of 18 marketing technologists, WebAble aims to create ‘WebAbulous’ brand experiences for a select pool of ambitious clients.

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