Turing Phone

Turing Phone: A phone tougher than steel with super security

If you ever wondered about extreme data security for your smartphone then Turing just got you covered.  Turing Robotic Industries recently announced a high end Smartphone called the Turing Phone which is one of a kind as it is the first smartphone to be made of Liquid Metal called ‘Liquidmorphium’.

Turing Phone


What is that you ask?

According to the company, this is an alloy which is made of zirconium, copper, aluminium, nickel and silver. The metal itself is developed by California Institute of Technology research team and is promised to be unbendable as well as stronger than Titanium or Steel, although it may look more like glass. This makes the phone more shock resistant and less prone to breaking screens.

The phone is also waterproof with IPx8 rating. A special Binnacle Ocean Master nano-coating allows the phone to be submerged in 30 feet of water.

Turing Phone

These are everything you get for external damage protection but what about the internal data protection? That was covered by Turing Robotics themselves and this only rivals to the Silent Circle’s Blackphone handset. The phone comes with a Turing Imitation Key security chip that authenticates encryption locally, meaning it’s always offline and out of hackers’ reach, unlike third-party services which issues security certificates from online.

Turing Phone

By making encryption on device, CEP S.Y.L Chao says they are shutting out hackers and exploits to create a safe trusted network. This makes the phone decentralized in authentication and comes with master public key and unique private key pre-installed. Only with another Turing Phone you can directly connect by verifying only. The company had this to say about the feature:

“A protected communications network that is entirely insulated from cyber-threats and privacy intrusions. Within this circle of trust, users can exchange sensitive data such as social security numbers or bank wiring instructions and know that the information will reach only the device intended,”


If these awesome features doesn’t make you fall for it, here are the rest of  the specification of the device which we believe only competes with flagship level or near that range devices:

-Android 5.0 Lolipop

-5.5 Inch Full HD

-13MP Rear Camera, 8MP Front

-3000mAh Battery

-2.5 Ghz Snapdragon 801

– Apple like Magnetic charging

– Fingerprint scanner on the side


The phone will be available for pre-order from July 31st and only 10,000 of them will be made. The CEO mentioned that the production of the devices uses a lot less waste making it a better and greener option than traditional phones out there. Four color scheme will be announced on July 22. The prices will be the following:

  • $610 for 16GB
  • $740 for 64GB
  • $870 for 128GB

Turing Robotics also wants to give a little something extra for the people who will pre-order. Each will get a bonus accessories package which will include a Bluetooth keyboard, a Bluetooth speaker, a Bluetooth gaming headset and a gaming controller.

So what do you think about that phone? Is it secure enough or not?




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