8 Ways To Use Your iPad For Better Health

Let’s face reality: for a lot of people, the iPad is nothing more than a $500 Facebook machine, a floating e-mail device, or simply an electronic pad and paper. We like having them; we don’t put them to their fullest use.

That’s all about to change, however, as we explore better ways to use the iPad. And what more active way to use your iPad than to use it to change your health, get you working out more, and help you eat wiser? It’s easier than you think. Here’s how.

1. MyFitnessPal. Apps like MyFitnessPal make the idea of a food diary far more appetizing – especially when you consider just how tedious counting calories can be with a pen and a pad. It’s also motivating, as you get to monitor your results and explore a host of other functions.

2. Calorie Counter. An alternative to MyFitnessPal in the calorie counting department, this App can help you identify just how much energy you’re putting into your body even as you visit popular restaurants and food chains – a great convenience if you like eating out.

3. Fitness Free. Of course, with all this talk about calorie counting we can’t forget what burns the calories like nothing else – exercise. And you can look up hundreds of exercises on the Fitness Free App, including visualizations of how to do each one and which muscle groups you’re most targeting.

4. Integrate your favorite websites. The beautiful thing about the iPad is that it lets you carry so much of your desktop or laptop experience with you. If you’re using a site like SparkPeople, then you can download their App and carry your iPad to wherever you need it – even on a hike.

5. Entertainment while you work out. It’s one thing to read a magazine as you walk on the treadmill – what about using your iPad? Sure, you’ll have to keep it clear of sweat, but that’s nothing a strategically-placed towel can’t fix.

6. Read your favorite health magazines. Okay, we didn’t mean to diss magazines in the last point. In fact, you can download your favorite health magazines straight to your iPad to keep yourself educated and inspired.

7. Visualizing your progress. There’s nothing like seeing how well you’re achieving your weight loss goals, or how much more weight you’re able to lift. Take photos and use your iPad to keep a visual reminder of your progress at all times – a constant inspiration.

8. Medical Apps. Not only is it important to concentrate on fitness, but it’s important that you have a view of your overall health. There are countless Apps on the iPad that help you to understand what’s going on with your body – and when you might need to go in for an exam.

  1. Great information, using ipad now adays is very convenient to the part of the consumer. Although it’s a bit cheaper than the usual tablet price.

  2. I love the idea of the food tracking software, I will have to check the program out! Thanks for all the good information!

  3. Yeah, you can really relax, exercise while checking your IPAD.

    Are those IPAD application free for download? Are there some ipad application that shows some government datas? Like exam results?

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  5. It's nice to use your ipad when you're doing your exercise like treadmill.. You can enjoy exercising while your listening to your ipad..

  6. It is so cool that with the help of apps we can take care of our health also. Its sad that i do not have an ipad, but hope some of these work on my iphone also.

  7. I am greatly impressed with the list of apps here. Greatly helps to get more tips on complete physical, mental and social well-being. Perfect for helping many people improve their health.

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