Lumia 640XL

10 Lumia devices to receive Windows 10 update

The PCs worldwide are still downloading the all new OS from Microsoft, Windows 10 with already 10 million PCs installed with it. However we are still waiting for a Windows 10 mobile which will be released soon.

Lumia 640XL

So if you’re wondering which phones will be receiving the new software initially, here are those names:

  1. Lumia 430
  2. Lumia 435
  3. Lumia 535
  4. Lumia 532
  5. Lumia 540
  6. Lumia 640 XL
  7. Lumia 640
  8. Lumia 830
  9. Lumia 735
  10. Lumia 930

The list above comprises of both low-end and high-end devices.

But FIRST, in order to be eligible for the Windows 10 OS, the Lumia device must have the Denim update installed. Sadly, as only Microsoft-made phones are getting the Windows update, others won’t be getting any time soon.

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