Android One Smartphone Bangladesh

Android One getting a reset!

Android One, a clever initiative taken by Google to bring good quality software and user experience to people has yet to jump onto smartphones. Google popularly stated their intention to use this program to reach the next billion smartphone consumers. According to multiple sources though, they haven’t made much progress in terms of getting a ton of people to purchase the affordable handsets.

Android One Smartphone Bangladesh

Google is therefore going to restart the whole program, starting with India and will offer up devices under $50. A lack of close work with partner companies has been cited as the cause of products not very desirable to the public. Additionally, very little advertising from Google itself could have contributed to the unremarkable sales figures.

Right now, Google does not see android one being a cash cow or big source of revenue. Rather,  the company is eyeing the future, where in 10 years significant growth in telecommunication in emerging markets would produce a large consumer base that would require reliable, affordable mobile devices. It is a waiting game for now but it is good to see Google set a clear picture of what they envision for the future.

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