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Android Wear Coming to iPhone

When the smartwatch industry came into being everyone was  excited about what it will bring for us. Over a year have passed and we still don’t see any real fruits of it even after Google announcing specific smartwatch OS Android Wear. Apple finally decided to enter the market with Apple Watch, but then again it was only for iPhone where the whole smartphone industry was still ruled by Androids. So the final question was, who will finally decide to take a leap on the other side. The answer to that question is something we have just found out and that is ANDROID WEAR.

Android Wear

So now, according to Google’s announcement there is an iOS app for Android Wear which will help iPhone users to sync with their phones to Android Watches. This makes it work with iPhone 5, 5S, 5c, 6 or 6 Plus with the iOS 8.2 build or later on. Google has promised that it will work with any newer or future Android wear watches. Specifically mentioning “including ones from the likes of Huawei, Asus, and Motorola,” meaning Huawei is soon about to launch their own Android Smartwatch.

Google also disclosed that this will be slow phased process after it gets announced in the Apple App store. They also mentioned that the whole pairing system will be usual as with any other Android phones or smartwatches and with come with support for usual gesture, notifications, google now cards, voice queries and so on. This will also allow iPhone to support Google Fit, Weather, Alarm, Agenda and Translate. In short, anything you get on iPhone will be delivered to your Android wear screen or mostly the other way around.

But, you won’t be able to directly connect with Wi-Fi in case it is paired with the iOS app. The same goes for any third party app as well.

In this very short amount of time Apple iPhone users has more Apple Smartwatches than Google does for Android Wear. This may help in giving iPhone users more options and giving Google some more users of Android Wear. Google believes that the manufacturers will be able to create some good devices in the future which will be able to compete in style with Apple Watch. Apple may not find this as a threat now, but if you count the price point things can surely go to a different situation in the upcoming path.

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