Preparing for the Worst

In a world where sixth sigma processes are the universal standard, the speed and reliability of communications are more important than ever. Technological downtime results in unsatisfied customers, and often times, a loss of business. This standard is hard enough to maintain under normal circumstances, but what happens when disaster strikes?

Last year, the United Kingdom experienced severe winter flooding that lasted several months. Thames Water, Britain’s largest water and sewage company, found themselves unable to communicate with their event response vehicle, and thus, unable to relay information to their emergency response team about those in need. In a time of crisis, Thames Water enlisted the help of Eutelsat Broadband to restore communications.


In 24 hours, Eutelsat Broadband helped Thames Water to restore communication by transforming their event response vehicle into a connected car equipped with a state-of-the-art mobile emergency response center. Using a Dawson auto-acquire antenna, the vehicle was able to connect to Eutelsat’s KA-SAT satellite, transforming their emergency response vehicle into a Wi-Fi enabled communications center at the push of a button.

During a time of crisis, few things are more important than communication. While Thames Water was able to restore communication and continue to provide clean water to Britain, millions of people had to survive without clean drinking water until communication was restored.

Disasters happen, and while we cannot foresee when or where they will occur, we can prepare ourselves ahead of time. With more than 30 years’ experience in satellite operations, Eutelsat Broadband has helped professionals in industries ranging from banking to public safety to enhance their communications. Their high-tech broadband services provide reliable connectivity to any location, thus preparing your organization for any disaster. Learn more about what makes them one of the world’s leading business Internet providers. Come explore Eutelsat Broadband today.


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