Microsoft New York event 2015 hardware announcement overview

In today’s (6th October 2015) New York event Microsoft announced 5 new devices, a refreshed version of their convertible lineup, the surface pro 4; a 5.7 inch Lumia 950XL and a smaller Lumia 950, the fitness tracker Microsoft Band 2 and a new premium Notebook called the Surface Book.

All of these devices run Microsoft’s new operating system, Windows 10 and feature fairly top of the line specs under the hood. None of the devices are exactly budget friendly but they are competitively priced, the Surface Pro coming in at $849, the “Surface Book” starting at $1499 and the Lumia starting at $649.

The Surface Pro 4 now officially has a accessory called the surface pen, a stylus with 1024 level of pressure sensor. After the Apple’s September event announcement of the Apple Pencil, we were confident Microsoft would make one too. There is also a lighter and thinner Keyboard cover accessory. The keyboard cover this time features a fingerprint sensor and a “all year” battery life. The surface pro 4 has a 12.3 inch gorilla glass 4 covered display, 6th gen Intel processor, upto 16 gigabytes of RAM and upto 1 TB of storage. Even with the increased screen size (By .3 inch diagonally compared to last year) the surface has the same “footprint” and the previous generation accessories will work with the new surface.


The Surface Book is Microsoft’s first attempt in the laptop game. It is a Hybrid laptop that will feature a 13.5 inch display, Skylake Core i5/core i7, a Nvidia GeForce GPU and 267PPI screen when it ships. The dock keyboard will have two USB 3.0 ports and a SD card reader. This machine will also work with the fore-mentioned Surface pen. Microsoft claims this laptop to be the fastest 13 inch laptop ever made but we will have to wait a little longer to see verification of their claim. Microsoft also says the Surface book will run 12 hours on a single charge.

The Lumia 950 is Microsoft’s flagship running it’s latest Windows 10 for Phone operating system on very strong hardware. There is the smaller Lumia 950 featuring a 5.2 inch display  and the bigger Lumia 950XL with 5.7 inch screen. Both the phones feature a poly-carbonate back and USB-C and comes with 32Gb storage on the lowest end model. The phones also feature a 20MP rear camera for crisp photos. There are no official announcement about the RAM and the display resolution just yet.

Microsoft also refreshed their fitness tracker band this time around with the new Microsoft Band 2.0.

We will be covering more in-depth news about these devices soon.

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