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5 less known apps to supercharge your Android

Over the last few years, I have experimented and re-experimented with a large selection of apps on Android that I thought might make my life a little bit easier. Most of them were “too awesome” to be actually useful in a daily basis, but I did however end up using some apps all the time. Today I am going to share my list of 5 apps that have awesome functionality and I ended up using in a daily basis.

5. Night mode – Dim your screen


We all love a bright vibrant screen in a smartphone and manufacturers are always increasing the brightness of phone screens. But after lights out, there is nothing more annoying than a bright screen. This app dims your screen to make is more comfortable to look at in bed. You do not need root access for this app to work.

4. NQ Vault


We all have that video/picture we do not want our parents/significant other to see. NQ Vault is a great app to hide those files. The files are encrypted and stored in a dedicated folder of NQ Vault and can not be accessed through Gallery/MX Player or any other similar apps. Even advanced file managers like ES file explorer can not read the hidden files. There are a few good functionality built in like calling a secret number to log in to the vault directly and watching the encrypted videos using an external video player etc.

3. Airstream – Stream contents from your PC over local Network


This is a seriously awesome app that did not get enough attention for reasons unknown. You can install the desktop client on your PC and set it up to work with the Android app to stream contents directly from your PC to your Android device over local network (No internet necessary). You can access the whole harddrive (including files that y of you PC through the app to be exact. The app is very well designed, you can watch your PC files in external players and best of all – the whole app is absolutely free.

2. Spendee – Personal Financing


Spendee is a personal finance app to track your spending and earning. I log all my personal spending in spendee to have a clear idea about how much I spend. You can categorize spending and earning and view them in beautiful graphs and charts. Spendee actually helped me a lot to cut back unnecessary expenses. Additionally, spendee is multi-platform and your wallet syncs across all your devices.

1. Spotify – Free music all the time

 Spotify Music- screenshot

Very few people in Bangladesh use Spotify, but it an ABSOLUTELY AWESOME app. I use Spotify all the time to stream music. It is a little bit tricky to make it work from Bangladesh (I will write a “how to” guide very soon), but it’s worth it. I can listen to any music I want straight from the cloud. You can recommend songs to your friend right from the app, and it makes all the difference in the world.


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