3M Filter Review

4 Months with the 3M privacy filter and still using it!

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of 3M for IZEA. All opinions are 100% mine.

If there’s anything that is in the top list of concerns around the world, it would undoubtedly be privacy. The concern for privacy is increasing day by day as things are becoming more digitized.Although there are solutions brewing up to tackle it, 3M has come up with an innovative solution which tackles Visual Piracy. Sounds new? Visual piracy is where your phone’s or tablet’s display is available to others standing next to you to have a peek-a-boo. There’s always a chance of information leaking away!

3M Filter

Thanks to 3M, they sent us a filter which we tested in our iPad and after months have passed, I still did not take any attempt to remove the filter away. The 3M Easy-on privacy filter and the screen protector makes it super easy to use any sort of electronic device with display without having any fear at all of having someone else having a look at what you’re doing. Before, when I used to get in the lifts and used my iPad, I could sense the people around me trying to look over at what I am doing. After having the 3M Easy-on Privacy filter, if anyone even tries to have a look, all they see is a black screen!  Straight on the filter functions as a screen protector but viewed from an angle the display goes completely dark. One note of interest is that the angle can only be in one orientation because of how the technology works. I got the iPad version in landscape orientation which means on portrait mode, the display won’t go as black as it would in the landscape orientation. Request a Sample


To test it out even more, I gave my iPad to my friend to see how he felt when using the device with people around. After a day, he came back and requested me to give the filter to him which unfortunately wasn’t possible. Hearing his comments regarding the filter, he kept on emphasizing on the point on how the display becomes dark when you see it from another angle.

3M Filter Review

What are the disadvantages of using this filter? Well, simply none. Though I do have to admit that before using the filter on the display, the screen looked way brighter but after putting it on, there’s a bit of darkness. However, this is something acceptable since we are using it for tackling visual hacking.
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All in all, I am totally satisfied using the 3M filter for my iPad. It seems, it’s now time to have the filters for other devices as well.

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