Cost Effective Development Solutions for the Defense Industry with SCADE®


There are plenty of obstacles that can increase costs, risk and time-to-certification for developments in critical systems and software in a number of different industries, including the defence industry. SCADE®, offered by Esterel Technologies SA, can address a number of these for companies and individuals working in aerospace and defense, as well as rail transportation, nuclear energy, wind turbines, rotating machinery and heavy equipment industries.


The ANSYS SCADE® product family offers a formal, extensive and industry-proven solution for critical systems and software engineers that significantly cut down on the time and cost involved in reaching certification.


Esterel has an impressive track record worldwide for the use of SCADE® product systems, particularly when it comes to certified development towards DO-178C. There are currently 53 aircraft programs that use SCADE® DO-178B/C certified tools, as well as several hundred aerospace and defense manufacturers across the globe.


SCADE® has been developed to address safety critical systems, software applications and defense  solutions and its code generators are certified in accordance with relevant safety standards, IEC 61508, IEC 60880 and EN 50128:2011.


This ingenious and time saving solution supports throughout the development workflow, starting with analysis and design requirements through verification, implementation and on into final deployment. By using the SCADE® solutions design team members can effectively communicate and optimize the development of the new systems.


ANSYS SCADE is a model based, safety critical family of products that includes:

ANSYS Simplorer®

SCADE System®

SCADE Suite®

SCADE Display®


SCADE Lifecycle®

SCADE Solutions for ARINC 661 Compliant Systems


The experts at Esterel Technologies have the experience and proven success to assist with all aspects of critical software development and can tailor their services according to each individual defense customer’s needs. Ensuring you’re on the right track to enjoy a rapid return on the investment made in future developments in the defense industry.


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