Highly Anticipated Android Apps for 2012

The Android platform overtook the iPhone last year, quickly becoming the most popular platform on the market. In 2012, more and more Android apps will become available for download to make your life not only more organized and efficient, but fun as well! Here are some of the most highly anticipated Android apps for your phone this year.





This app was a highly popular business tool on the iPhone, and is now available to Android users. It enables you to turn your phone into a convenient, portable scanner by using your built-in camera. If you’re travelling for work, scan and save all your business receipts for painless expense reports. Or record the results of your team’s whiteboard discussion and email it out, so everyone in attendance can follow up on their action items. The app automatically crops, aligns, and enhances your scanned images, resulting in crisp images every time. These can be stored as PDFs in ten different sizes, and can be tagged for easy archiving and file management.



The highly popular iPhone app, Instagram, will soon be available on Android. With more than 50 million users around the globe, it’s sure to become the number one photo sharing application once it’s launched on the Android platform. Use Instagram to take your high-resolution photos, apply the filters of your choice, and then quickly upload them to your social networking sites. The company expects the number of users to double once it becomes available on Android this year.

 Firefox mobile v. 10 

This new version is expected to launch early this year, and will include support for Adobe Flash Player. Firefox 10 will enable your Android to browse the web at faster speeds, but also comes equipped with several new security features, such as the safe-browsing front end.


TiVo for android

TiVo is planning to launch an app this year to provide an integrated view of your current TV services, Netflix, Blockbuster, and Amazon Instant Video accounts. You’ll be able to view the schedule up to two weeks in advance, and then schedule which shows you would like to record – right from your Android phone. It will also provide in-depth information about the cast of each show, and allow you to share posts about your favorite programming on social networking sites.


To date, Android has not been able to hold a candle to iOS when it came to providing a high-quality gaming experience, but all that could change this year. Many popular games are being developed for release, including Lost Planet 2, Max Payne, and the Dark Meadow. Get ready to have some fun!



If you have been looking for an Android web app to organize and access your data stored in the cloud, keep your eyes peeled for a release from Jolicloud later this year. This app is already one of the most highly respected on the market by Linux and netbook users for its ability to provide its users reliable access to their data from anywhere and everywhere.

 Evernote Skitch

Evernote Skitch

Launched late last year, this Android app has already been downloaded more than three million times. Skitch allows you to personalize your photographs by adding captions, arrows, and funny shapes. This makes uploading to social networking sites much more fun! Skitch can also be used for business purposes, such as annotating the names of new people you meet at a company conference with their photos for easy reference later.

Indeed, 2012 promises to be full of timesaving and entertaining apps for Android users. Be sure to subscribe to our blog, as we’ll continue to provide the latest news on these and other apps you’ll be sure to love all year long.

  1. Instagram, will soon be available on Android is a great idea. Many people will be axious to get their hands on the Appl. Instagram has become an instant hit with iPhone users. The Android will get the same response from the public once it is avaivle I'm sre of it.


  2. Going to download TiVo, really good idea. I really like this blog. How do I subscribe to your rss? Is it just your usual /feed ??

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