Abstract Mart

Abstract Mart – A platform to share your digital artwork

Art is never complete, only abandoned. When we think artwork, we think about oil painting and canvas, but some of the best artworks now are digital artwork. Bangladesh has thousands of amateur digital artists passionately creating amazing illustrations everyday.

Abstract Mart a platform that connect artists with artwork enthusiasts. Artwork without recognition is counterproductive for the artist and unfortunately not everyone can master the art of mass marketing. The Abstract Mart platform helps you reach your audience and even more. To get started, join our Facebook Group.

Abstract Mart

Abstract Mart is completely free and our business model says it always will be. There are a lot of amazing artists out there, sharing their artwork through their own Facebook profile. We want to feature their artwork on our website and help them reach thousands instead of hundreds.

If you enjoy looking at illustrations of random pokemon characters or pop culture icon, you should definitely check out Abstract Mart. We already have a large variety of Artwork right now.

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