9 Free iOS Gaming Apps You Must Try

For all you game lovers out there we’ve rounded up the top ten most popular gaming apps. They’re not just fun smash hits that took the world by storm, but make the list because they’re completely free!


  1. Seashine

Seashine is a beautiful, highly intuitive iOS game with amazing music and sound effects where you are immersed into the abyss of the ocean depths. You are born a fragile jellyfish on an endless quest to survive as you come up against fascinating creatures and objects, whilst striving to maintain your fading light.

  1. Two Dots

This addictive, puzzle game offers fluid gameplay as you join two brave dots traversing arctic tundras, navigating fiery jungles, and plunging the ocean depths. With 510 fun, challenging and beautifully designed levels, you have ample opportunity to sharpen your skills whilst uncovering many exciting new features along the way.

  1. Angry Birds 2

The Angry Birds are back in the sequel to the most downloaded mobile game of all time! Angry Birds 2 starts a new era of addictive slingshot gameplay with challenging multi-stage levels, stunning graphics, the new ability to select the order in which you launch your birds which is crucial to complete a level, and well, more destruction.

  1. Threes!

Optimized for iOS8 and human brains, this award-winning app is an addictive little numbers puzzler with talking blocks that has taken the mobile world by storm. Explore this challenge and grow your mind beyond imagination as you weave numbers on a board together to match them up before it fills up. You’ve never played a better time waster!

  1. Powder – Alpine Simulator

This minimalist, beautifully designed, and soothing skiing simulator features an endless mountain of untouched snow where you get to try out your skiing skills as you avoid obstacles down the slopes. The gameplay is simple, but the farther you go, the harder it gets.

  1. Casino Games

If its casino game apps you’re after, but not sure where to start, this superb iTunes app does the leg work for you presenting you with lists of the greatest and most reliable casino sites. Casino Games has tons of excellent features, bonuses and new games are constantly being added.

  1. Online Casino

With its top quality graphics and superb design, iTunes’ Online Casino app brings you the best online casino games available. Enjoy hours of fun playing your favorite titles chosen for clear usability that makes winning that much easier.

  1. Online Roulette

If you know your game, you have to try iTunes’ graphically inspiring Online Roulette app. Here you’ll find that user experience is key and spinning the wheel of fortune has never been more or accessible. The app also offers staggering bonuses, a fantastic array of features, and a realistic Vegas gaming experience.

  1. Bingo Games

ITunes’ free Bingo Games app delivers the ultimate bingo experience and it’s certainly not for fuddy duddies or the hard of hearing. It’s graphic, colorful, fun, larger than life, interactive, chatty and challenging. There are many different bingo games to choose from plus a range of fantastic features and bonuses. Certainly bingo at its best!


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