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11 Essential Hidden Features in the New iPhone  

Think you know everything your new iPhone can do? Even die-hard iPhone fans will be surprised to learn about many hidden features in this new piece of kit – features that you may not have discovered by yourself. If you want to make life easier and more fun with your iPhone, take a look at these 11 tips and tricks.

  1. Use Spotlight for More

It is easy to do currency conversions in Spotlight. Just open the app and type the conversion you need, and the app will return the correct result. You can also do maths calculations in Spotlight so you don’t have to open the calculator.


  1. Redial Quickly

Simply press the green button (call) on the screen in the Phone app and the last number you dialled will appear.


  1. Clear Cache with Taps

In order to make your iPhone run smoothly you need to clear the cache from time to time. You can do this more easily by simply tapping 10 times on a tab icon located on the screen’s bottom.

iPhone SE

  1. Quickly Clear Digits in Calculator

To get rid of a digit typed by mistake in the calculator, swipe left on the screen or right where the numbers are and you can get rid of a single digit.

  1. Shoot in Burst Mode

Hold down the shutter button the camera app and you are connected to the burst shooting mode.

  1. Turn off the Flashlight

Don’t bother with opening the control panel to turn off the flashlight once it’s on. You can just swipe upwards over the camera icon when the screen is locked and the flashlight will switch off.

  1. Draw with 3D Touch

Draw pictures and make notes in the Notes app when you use the pressure sensitive drawing tools accessed via 3D Touch in the new iPhone.

  1. Get iPhone Insurance

Make sure your phone is secured and safe with comprehensive iphone insurance – it’s worth the small effort it takes to secure this insurance as you will benefit from enhanced peace of mind.

  1. Open Recently Closed Tabs

If you mistakenly closed down a tab before you were ready, go back to what you were reading with a simple tap and hold on the + symbol that you can find in Safari using the carousel view. This will take you to a list of the tabs you recently closed.

  1. Take a Peek

If you are not sure you want to access a tab, link or email you can press down and you are taken to a preview screen. Releasing the pressure takes you back to where you were. You can also use this peek feature to preview bookmarks.

  1. Quick Reply

Pull down on the notification at the top of your screen when you get an incoming SMS, and you can reply without having to enter into the messages app or leave where you are at the moment.

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