5th Gen Programming language: Why the everyday Joe should be excited.

To code or not to code. To program or not to program.  That is the question.

Am I a coder? No. Do I like it? Not really. Does Joe like it? No.

So why should he be excited?

Well, just like me, Joe likes to solve problems.


After all that is more or less why everyone lives, works and does things.  In today’s world, everything is tech dependent and hence, most of the problems are solved through tech. And in the forefront of all this is Programming. The process of writing computer programs to solve certain problems. Now the thing is, programming isn’t all that easy. Unless you already do it, chances are, it seems obscure and frighteningly messy. Extraneous symbols, long convoluted commands, attributes and what not. And that’s a problem.

What if there’s somebody with a genius idea on how to solve a huge tech crisis? Let’s say, Joe knows how to create the next big social networking app or something like that.

What does he do? He doesn’t how to code. So he just forgets it after a while. This is a huge loss to the tech community. Because if you think of it, ideas are more than just ideas.

Facebook messengerWhat if Marc Zuckerberg had just gone to bed with his idea of Facebook?

The world as we know it would have been different. Hence, it is important to realize every single idea and at least try and foresee what it could one day become. That’s where 5th Generation programming language comes in.

Bearing resemblance to natural language, 5th Gen Programming language will allow for a much simpler and more intuitive programming experience. The user will have the ability to state the same thing in several natural ways and still get the same result, every time.


It’s a constraint based programming language as opposed to an algorithm based programming language. You don’t code, you tell. And the computer does. Typically, in programming, you create an algorithm first and then you create the program. E.g.- 4th generation programming language.
But in 5th Generation programming language, you just provide logical constraints and set the parameters yourself. The Artificial intelligence based compilers create the program for you. The medium through which you do that maybe typing, speech, touch etc.

5th Gen programming language is what will drive artificial intelligence. It’s still not in common use as of now. You probably haven’t even heard of it till now. But it’s great news for the tech community. 5th gen programming languages are L.I.S.P, Mercury, Prolog etc. Ever talked to one of those “talk to our expert” pop ups on a website? These are usually chat bots powered through L.I.S.P and artificial intelligence. They seem like actual people right? Very soon problem solving will become far more efficient and more people will be involved in an effort to make a better world.

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