Forza Motorsport 6 : Apex[Beta] has come to Windows 10.

Chances are if you like racing games, you’ve heard of the Forza franchise. Chances are, you haven’t played the game. Maybe once or twice on the console of a friend or cousin. Because it was only available on the Xbox all this time. Not anymore. Forza is coming to Windows 10.
It’s fantastic news for car lovers like myself. After all, Forza has simply been dropping jaws for all these years with its consistently ridiculous detail in a unique list of cars. Well, now you can pick that jaw up and play the game right on your PC.


It was announced on April 28th this year that they will be releasing a beta on May 5th and then the actual game. The beta is here and it has already been slightly updated once or twice.  It’s up for grabs at the Microsoft store for free.

Now what do you get in the beta? You get mind-blowing graphics with some inherent beta related issues.

Let’s talk about the good part first. The graphics is simply stunning. Turn 10 studios have outdone themselves again by producing a game that will make you drool. Whether you’re going through the streets of Rio in the 2017 Ford GT, or trying to hit your best lap at the Top Gear test track in a Nissan GT-R, you will be in awe at the detail of the game. The meticulous car parts, the soothing lens flares, the streaming lines across the tunnels, all accentuate the players experience. Turn 10 is renowned for rendering top quality engine acoustics and this game is no different.


The revving noises take the game to a whole new level. But eventually, it all comes back to the visuals. It is simply astonishing. Perhaps a lot of players will play this game, not for the game but for the experience. The experience to go up close and personal with the vehicles that you have adored for so long. Autovista, or Forza vista as it is now known is a feature of the game that lets you peek into the car in your own virtual garage. You can zoom in, out life the hood, turn the lights off so on and so forth. It is so inexplicably satisfying to be able to life the hood of your favorite car and get to check out the engine that runs the show behind the scenes. Oh, and you can rev it too. This is why Forza has been a class apart all these years and this is why I am so excited that its coming to the PC now.

Now for the bad part. Well, the bad part is kind of temporary. There are some graphical issues and memory allocation errors. I encountered frequent crashes and ran into problems with the settings quiet often. All of this is temporary and will presumably be fixed in the next beta update or the final version. The game is pretty demanding though. So make sure you check the specs before installing.

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