Here’s what we know about Android N

Google took to Snapchat to let the world know about the name of their latest Android OS version. Nougat. No, it’s not the fan-favorite Nutella. Google had to go for a slightly awkward “Nougat” because copyright issues forced them to. Nonetheless, Android Nougat will be more of an Android 6.1 rather than an Android 7.0.


With this update, Google is opting for performance improvements rather than a cosmetic overhaul, and, that should be fine with most people, because Material design is good for most people. It’s modern, sleek, fast and colorful. That being said, Google has seemingly shifted its focus to the long awaited multi-tasking feature on android, something other companies such as Samsung and Microsoft have been baking into their software for quite some time now.

Even apple is has had this feature for a short while now, although the important thing to mention here is that in Apple’s case the feature is only available on its tablets and not on the phones. The developer preview of Android N shows the multi-tasking feature working with 1st party apps and even 3rd party ones. Even at this early stage, the feature seems to be working smoothly, something which surprised almost all users.

Most of the new features of Android Nougat have been added/polished around the idea of multi-tasking and efficiency. Notifications will now be more detailed and will allow for significantly more control right from the notifications panel. Doze, the new battery conservation feature from Marshmallow will supposedly be improved. As always Nexus Devices will be the first to get the update when it’s available. A lot of users haven’t even updated to Marshmallow yet and Nougat is already at the door.

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