Google pushing object recognition R&D with the purchase of French startup company

Google and Artificial intelligence : An everlasting love affair.

Google has recently purchased Moodstocks, a French based startup company that specializes in object recognition. “WE ARE JOINING GOOGLE” says the homepage of their website. The acquisition will be completed within “the next few weeks”.  They specialize in object recognition and say they want to “give eyes to the machines by turning cameras into smart sensors able to make sense of their surroundings.”


They introduced on-device object recognition in 2012, which is different from Google’s own object recognition in a sense that it does most of the data processing on the phone rather than on servers which speeds up the whole process and gives real-time, efficient and practical results. Googles own object recognition app, “Goggles” was last updated on May 28th 2014, rendering it obsolete. It offered unsatisfying results to say the least, calling in for a much needed refresh.

Google won’t be the first to step into object recognition with companies like Amazon already having released similar apps. The purchase of Moodstocks will fall in sync with Google’s continuous attempt at AI development with the company reportedly making AI engines read romantic novels. The purchase of Moodstocks is one of many steps to distance modern processing from cloud computing as it isn’t efficient enough. “On-device” computing is one for modern tech.

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