Gorur Haat

3 “Digital Haats” to help you book your Qurbani animal online

Gorur Haat

Too lazy to go to a HAAT to buy your goru (bull/cow) or chagol (goat)?

Don’t have much time?

Allergic to dust?

If your answers are yes, there’s good news for you! Book & Buy your desired sacrificial animal in a Digital HAAT!

The trend of selling sacrificial animals online started two years back and this time it seems to be gaining good pace. Although more expensive from what you can get from the cattle markets, it still is favorable for some considering the points mentioned earlier.

Let’s have a look at 3 ‘Digital Haat’ E-Commerce sites from where you can book your Qurbani animal online.

1) Bikroy.com

Digital Haats

Bikroy.com has more than a 1000 Qurbani animals listed in their website with different types of bulls and goats.

The pages never end!

Since Bikroy.com is a classified site, you would have to call the seller to know the price after looking at the picture of the animal. I tried to test if this was actually real and so called one of the sellers. To be honest, I was impressed in the way the seller spoke to me and also sent me additional pictures of the bull that I chose. This was done mainly to cross check if the bull that was displayed is actually the one that was being sold.

Sheba.xyz with Bikroy

Additionally,Bikroy in partnership with Sheba.xyz  launched an unique offer alongside selling the Qurbani animals: booking butchers. According to the ad posted, Sheba.xyz is going to provide the service and in order to avail it, booking has to be completed within 5th September as only 100 butchers have been reserved for online booking!

2) Ekhanei.com

Digital HaatsEkhanei.com had a huge list of Qurbani animals listed in their site last year however this time it seems the quantity is a bit less. The concept is totally similar to that of Bikroy’s. With their site being changed, all you need to type is the keyword which can be ‘qurbani’, ‘buy cows online’ etc.

3) Bengal Meat

Bengal Meat

If there’s anyone making a difference, it’s Bengal Meat, hands down. There’s around 200 cows displayed in various sizes and prices with 3 pictures for each bull for better visual reference.

More than 50% of the bulls in the list are either on hold or sold. According to Bengal Meat, customers will have two choices: a) Full Servicing  b) Deliver the animal to their desired location

Digital Haat

Full servicing includes  slaughtering, chilling, processing, packaging & delivery of the meat which would cost an additional amount ranging from BDT 15000 to BDT 19000. For delivery of the animal, it will cost only BDT 4000.

What Bengal Meat could have additionally done is add an online payment method so that customers could easily buy the animal of their choice or pay an advance amount. But for this time, Bengal Meat is taking the full amount in advance.


As we are advancing to the digital space, these initiatives from each of the sites in commendable. For me personally, Bengal Meat’s strategy is great! However the prices are quite expensive compared to what you will get in a cattle market or HAAT. Also, going to a cattle market with your friends and family is a traditional norm. Passed and being passed on from generations to generations. A total shift to the digital space will take a lot of time.

Booked your Qurbani animal online? Let us know your thoughts below!

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