App updates: Small changes, big impact!

“Subtly” is the word to go by in today’s industries. Nowhere is this more apparent than in the technology industry. More specifically, in the app development scene. “Major” updates are seldom the case these days. With a friendlier development ecosystems and largescale proactive feedback, developers opt for the “Minor” updates now. But the impact they have on the user experience is just as admirable. They add convenience without the unfamiliarity of overhauls. This is key to the satisfaction of today’s users where split seconds can make or break anything from meetings to an important photo. So what exactly are these “Nuances”? Let’s take a look.


I was messaging one of my friends the other day on Facebook Messenger. We were talking about meeting up so I offered suitable timing. As soon as I wrote “How about 12:00?”, a small message like field popped up and gave me a clickable option to set a reminder right then and there. How convenient!

Google Chrome with its latest Dev(Developer) release made available the experimental feature to play videos in the background. For anyone who listens to music on YouTube, this is a huge plus. Sure there are other apps to do it. As a matter of fact, Mozilla Firefox has had this feature already, as covered in a previous article about background YouTube playback. But considering the fact that Chrome is my default browser, I would love the ability to not have to run extra apps just for one purpose.

Mozilla 49, on the other hand, added features like offline page viewing, enhanced media controls etc. Now the browser can also remember scroll positions in multiple tabs.

Small changes, yet ever so essential. The fact that developers consider to remove such eerie inconveniences is much appreciated, be it consciously or subconsciously. It’s just another thing you don’t need to think about the next time you use your phone.

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