Device Mama: Buy Second-hand computers with warranty


A website called, Device Mama, for the first time in our country, is providing the services to buy used laptop computers or desktop computers. But they all come with a warranty of at least 3-6 months. This warranty covers all the parts of the device.

Device mama

Their official website, promises some attributes we can expect from the company. They include On-sight servicing for co-corporate clients all across Dhaka, “No fix, no feem no hidden costs”, “Same day services in most cases” etc. The organization is confident in its approach in a sense that judging from the present market, even many co-corporate clients buy second hand devices.

If someone is okay with the fact that he will not get his device, be it a laptop or a desktop, in all its original glory and glamour and yet be reassured of its use, then why not save a few bucks while doing it and go for a second-hand purchase? If that’s the case with you, go ahead and checkout Device Mama.

The website is a wing of Systemeye Technologies Limited

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