End of an era: Blackberry stops production of Phones

Blackberry has announced that it will stop the development and designing of the hardware of its phones. Instead, that task will now be out-sourced to another company. This decision won’t come as much of a surprise to most people as Blackberry has been struggling in the smartphone market for quite some time now. One of the most reputable makers of the modern “workhorse” productivity phone, Blackberry is seemingly no match for Android and Apple’s prowess in the mobile market. It’s hard to not notice their consistent decline.


Last year, Blackberry released their last ditch attempt at raising the sales numbers by a few. Blackberry Priv. And even though it was a good phone, it never really wowed anybody and the results were still way below par.

Big companies, both in and out of tech, have been known to make bold moves every now and then to recuperate a bit of that lost fame. Blackberry was no different when it announced in July of this year that it will stop the production of the Blackberry Classic, a phone which essentially took Blackberry to new heights at one time. It goes to say how desperate Blackberry are to do something about the painful sales numbers. And the fact that, now, they completely stopped all production of phones, including development, is not a surprise to anybody who has been paying attention.

Blackberry Dtek 50

The company says it will now outsource the task to another company, probably an Indonesian one, so that it can focus its resources on security and software. The first phone of this new process is already out. The DTek 50. The phone is essentially an Alcatel Idol 4 with different software. This different software was specialized for the security of its user. Blackberry Radar and Blackberry Hub+ will also be key points in this revolution.

Delightfully enough, share prices started to rise soon after the announcement was made.

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