Facebook Marketplace

Facebook’s New Marketplace: Friendly Way To Get Connected

It’s been found that 450 million people visit “buy and sell” Groups on Facebook each month. Upon learning about this, the company has decided to dedicate a whole tab in its “Facebook app” to make peer-to-peer shopping much easier.

Facebook Marketplace

Facebook Marketplace lets users browse a relevancy-sorted feed of things to purchase from individuals who live close-by, and rapidly list their own stuff available for sale. Also, since it is integrated with Facebook Messenger, buyers and sellers can bargain or arrange a meet-up so that they know more about who they’re dealing with.

While pages aren’t permitted in the Marketplace at this moment, by letting businesses or people buy News Feed ads or sponsored placement for what they’re selling, Facebook could generate ad revenue. Facebook is wagering big on Marketplace, considering its assuming control over a fundamental spot in the route tab bar and replacing the Messenger shortcut in Facebook for iOS. That prime area could make Marketplace the digital version of hasty purchases at the checkout counter.

The three main features of Facebook Marketplace are-

  1. Browse To Buy – Marketplace opens to a filtered feed of items users can buy from their community. Thanks to tags individuals add to their postings and Facebook’s text analysis AI combined with what Pages specific users Like and things they browse on Marketplace, the listings users see are ranked based on relevancy.
  2. Sell Your Stuff – Facebook Marketplace does not require users to set up a new profile, so they can easily click a picture of their item, add a description, set an asking price, and publish their listing from their existing profile.
  3. Search Your Surroundings – Along with browsing specific categories like Household or Electronics, users can also search for something particular and filter what they see by location, category, and price or through a map. If a user finds something that they want, they’ll see the seller’s approximate location, not their exact address unless the seller tells them.

Facebook Marketplace could revolutionize shopping. It has the potential to make digital purchases much easier and spontaneous. Online shopping might one day become convenient, transparent and the “go to” mode for shopping because of it!

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