New 5G modem to Outbreak the market? – Meet Snapdragon X50!


Well Qualcomm is known well for their chips, as they’re going to make the latest one which is called the x 50 and it will be ready for 5g which currently requires the chip to support 28 GHZ bands will support the millimeter waves, so millimeter waves are going to be the next step in the evolution of mobile networks but this chip already supports it and it also supports the existing technologies as well which is 4g LTE which carrier aggregation and so on. And the x 50 is also going to offer you five gigabytes of bandwidth which is five times greater than the last offering so that’s the x-50 that’s been launched by Qualcomm.

In spite of the fact that the Snapdragon X – 50 5G modem speaks to numerous firsts for the company and Qualcomm Technologies, the sights are determined to a definitive objective: a genuine, worldwide standard for 5G. This is working out as expected: A dynamic supporter and champion of the 3G. P. P 5G New Radio (NR) standard.


The Snapdragon X – 50 5G modem is relied upon to start testing in the second half of 2017, and the main items coordinating it are required to surface all through 2018. As they go up against the test of coordinating new mmWave innovation into business gadgets, they’ll take in a considerable measure. They will utilize this figuring out how to quicken the conclusion of the 5G NR standard and introduce 5G NR systems and gadgets.

The Snapdragon X50 will help aide the new 5g era which will come out real soon, and it will work tremendously well to up bring the new generation of cellular device and networking.

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