Amazon Car

Amazon now sells cars as well, but only in Italy for now

Amazon is just steps away to the 1-click car buying future that the internet has been talking about. To get to that, Amazon has started stepping in by partnering with Fiat Chrysler to sell cars online directly at a discount price.

Amazon Car

Unfortunately, if you aren’t in Italy, it won’t be possible to explore this feature. Buyers in Italy will be able to buy the Fiat cars from and will be limited to only three models, the 500L, 500 and the Panda.

How does it work?

After the buyer clicks purchase, Amazon will contact to know the decision of which dealer to go with to finalize the purchase and pick up the car within two weeks. It won’t get delivered to your house yet.

This initiative might just be the start of something exciting coming in few months. Though you still have to go to a dealer to pick up the car but that is quite an improvement from how the normal car buying method goes.


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