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New features that might come to Facebook, according to Zuckerberg.

In addition to showing off the Oculus controllers, Mark Zuckerberg gave us an insight into the changes that might come to Facebook, the social network we use and love (well, maybe not everyone). This is just another group of changes to the perpetually updating social network in order to facilitate the needs of its users and in the process, make it more than just a place to upload pictures and post comments (no hate to Instagram).

Facebook App

So here are the major features that you can expect to see in Facebook very soon.

Precise Location Information:

Facebook users will now be able to request precise location from their friends. It’s actually a feature for Facebook Messenger. Zuckerberg said it builds on the safety check work the company has been doing. The feature could be looked at in two ways. Petrifying for users who fear they are being tracked for every move they make through their phone. And, relieving for people who can foresee it being used at a time of distress or a calamity. Nevertheless, social media is integral in our daily lives and if measures are being taken to ensure our safety through it, we admire the effort.

GIF’s as comments

People are now quite used to using GIF’s on messenger. For those who use this feature regularly, being able to comment with a GIF would be a much anticipated feature. Just like Giphy and Riffsy, users will now be able to find a befitting GIF in messenger and comment with it as a remark. Should make those Facebook wars a tad bit more interesting.

AI based Album organization

The last feature update is a rather subtle one and something we are probably not too unfamiliar with. Facebook will now be able to respond to user requests like “birthday pictures” or “wedding pictures” or pictures of any event by intelligently categorizing those photos in an album without the user having to go through all the photos individually.
So there it is. The features that are right around the corner.

Source of information: Android Authority.

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